Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Journey...New Life!

Clean Eating

I recently watched a movie called "Hungry for Change". It was eye opening! I eat relatively healthy, but sneak in lots of snacks and the occasional burger and fry's. I had no idea the chemicals that are in convenient foods and how they effect your body. My mouth was seriously on the floor when I was watching this movie. I have gone up and down with my weight my whole life. It's always so hard when you have a family that you love cooking yummy dinners for. Well my "ah ha" moment in this was that I can change the way my whole family eats and they probably won't notice. Plus it gives me a new challenge. I can take healthy basic recipes and figure out ways to make them taste yummy with out making them unhealthy. I finally figured out that if I quit thinking of it as a diet and think of it as a new way of living it might finally work for me. I might actually be able to kick this weight for good. I know you are probably thinking " duh" but I guess I have just been making excuses for too long. I've learned that eating foods in its basic non processed form is called "Clean Eating". I was also surprised to see that there are so many recipes out there it's easy to figure out. I went to the grocery store and went with a whole new focus. My cart was 75% produce, I had wheat bread, wheat pasta's, and brown rice. I have now had my family eating clean for 2 weeks now and they have not complained once. My husband who seems to never be full is eating less and feeling satisfied. My daughter has been loving it too. I have made several things during this time that have been great, but this is my favorite. I know you will love tested 9 year old approved and it even has spinach in it:
Margarita chicken

1 chicken breast per person I needed 4
1 Tomato diced
1 cup of low fat mozzarella cheese
enough fresh uncooked spinach to lay across the top of each piece of chicken
Fresh pesto I make my own and freeze it to use in meals
1 avocado diced


Lightly salt and pepper both sides of chicken. Do the same with the rosemary. Place chicken on grill and grill both sides until cooked.
Spread pesto on each piece of chicken. Then place the spinach across the top. Spoon on the diced tomato's, then Sprinkle with mozzarella cheese. Place chicken on a cookie sheet and broil until cheese is melted. Remove and top with diced avocado. yum!

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