Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mckenna Lynn's growing up!

Yesterday my Mckenna Lynn started her first day of third grade.
I can't believe it. She carefully thought out what she would wear, even how she wanted me to do her hair. This year she not only entered a new grade, but she started a new school! She was very excited and a little nervous. Eric (her dad) and I walked her through the craziness to her new classroom. I could tell that now that we had come to the door way, her nerves were starting to get the best of her. Just then her new teacher came out and welcomed her into the classroom. She had a great first day. She came home very excited about some new friends. I was so happy to hear that she had a great first day. This is the year of me letting go, just a little more at a time. I have always been so protective of her. I have always worried about having her find her friends so she wouldn't have to wait outside by herself anticipating the bell to ring. This morning I walked her to the side of the school where the kids line up. I tried not to hover. I asked her if she saw some of her friends to line up with, and she looked at me and said " yes I think I see them". I walked away looking back ever so many steps glancing at her looking around for her friends. I realized that she needs to be on her's the only way for her to gain her own self confidence. I know that she will be fine. She is a social girl, and has always been able to make friends fast. I am just letting go...letting her grow up on her own a little bit at a time.

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