Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Food For Thought

I came across this one day shopping with my daughter. I had to stop and read it to her because it had so many great truths in life that we forget about. She is only eight so obviously most may have gone over her head, but maybe these reminders to our children can be stored in there subconscious somewhere. Many times we as parents in these moments see the eyes glaze over...or their attention span is all over the place. I hope that when I am older and my daughter is grown, I can watch from a far and be proud that she has listened to a few things. There were two things in this that stuck out the most to me. The first was that we should enjoy our lives and live the best one we can because it is not accidental. The second is make your handshake mean more than a pen and paper. Some of the most important things can seem so small. Anyway this article stopped me dead in my tracks. I love it and I wanted to share it.

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  1. Shauna, Could you please repost this picture or type the contents? I would love t read it but the print is too small and when I click on the picture it is "X"ed out. Thank you. So far I love what I see of your site. Lynn